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Victoria Beckham Hairstyles - An Exploration of Techniques

Victoria Beckham first catapulted into fame when she was a characteristic "Posh Spice" of the Spice Girls. As the group disbanded, Victoria pursued various career paths, including a solo career in singing, fashion, business, and even writing. Victoria Beckham is clearly a multitalented woman that continues to impress the public year after year. But her talent is not the only reason for her fame.

The critics and the media are always amazed at Victoria Beckham's hairstyles. It seems that she never gets a bad hair day. It must be her highly developed fashion sense, or her naturally beautiful hair. But any expert in the world of hairstyling will doubt these explanations. The fundamental principle of good hairstyling lies in the face shape. Surprisingly, the Victoria Beckham hairstyles seem to defy the admonitions and precautions for her particular face shape.

Victoria Bechkam's hairstyles based upon her face shape

Victoria Beckham has a heart-shaped face. There is the characteristic widow's peak at the center, which is not very obvious on Victoria Beckham's face. The forehead is wider than the normal proportions. Normally, the cheeks should be significantly wider than the forehead. But for women like Victoria Beckham, the forehead is almost as wide as the cheeks. At the same time, the chin is narrow and pointy. The pointy chin, with the right hairstyles, will look utterly feminine. With the wrong hairstyles, the same chin will appear like the sword of Damocles. The different Victoria Beckham hairstyles, throughout the years, seem to easily address the visual problems of the wide forehead and the narrow chin. But she does not do it by following the classic advices.

Victoria Bechkam's hairstyles ignore classic advice

For example, classic advice for heart-shaped faces is to avoid parting the hair at the center. The central part will only emphasize the extra width at the forehead. But there are several Victoria Beckham hairstyles in which the hair is parted at the center. Her forehead does not look too wide at all. What was the technique behind these Victoria Beckham hairstyles? The technique lies in the shape of the hair. Although the hair is parted at the center, the hair strands are allowed to fall down the sides of her face to form an inverted V-shape. The falling hair strands form a curtain that covers a significant part of her forehead. Of course, these Victoria Beckham hairstyles will work only when the hair is totally straight.

Another classic piece of advice for heart-shaped faces that is ignored by Victoria Beckham hairstyles is the caution against short haircuts. Jennifer Lopez, who also has a heart-shaped face similar to Victoria Beckham, would not dare wear short haircuts. Short hair will simply make the upper part of the face to appear wider. But many Victorian Beckham hairstyles are actually short. Her hair is cropped short at the back, but she manages to appear stunning. What technique did the hairstylists use for these Victoria Beckham hairstyles?

On the surface, these Victoria Beckham hairstyles are just bobs with additional front textured layers and a slightly different cut. Hairstylists have a dry name for it: the asymmetrical bob. But Victoria Beckham wears it with such style that it is now known as the "Pob," a combination of her Spice Girls nickname "Posh" and "bob." The slight bangs are cut in varying lengths so that they blend seamlessly to the length of the sides of her hair. This significantly reduces the width of the forehead and adds more femininity to her chin. On the other side of her face, this Victoria Beckham hairstyle allows her to tuck the hair behind her ears. The lines of the tucked hair join the jaw line, which adds width to her otherwise narrow chin.

By studying the techniques of the Victoria Beckham hairstyles, one will find that a woman need not stick to the dull hairstyles that are supposedly the only ones allowed for certain face shapes. A little styling and a fresh perspective will result in trendier and more sophisticated looks.

Victoria Beckham

It is very rare of a case when one can get to see the music business being associated with fashion. There have been instances where certain people from around the world have managed to combine their talents in music and fashion and yet be able to carry it off with great panache and splendor. One such personality that has managed to keep herself on the top of the fashion and music industry is the insatiable Victoria Beckham.

Victoria, otherwise known as Posh Spice is one of the five Spice Girls who were part of a UK pop band that made billboard charts for weeks in a row and have had more than 20 number one hits. After the untimely split of the group, Victoria Beckham perused her own career in the music industry where she flourished with much vigor. Later on she met ace footballer David Beckham and tied the knot with him and today they live together with two adorable children at their Manchester Home.

Victoria Beckham later went on to commence her own line of fashion and fragrance which once again took the world by storm. Her good looks, fantastic sex appeal, style and appreciation for all the good things in life have made her one of the most admired celebrities and socialites in the world today. Apart from being a celebrity, fashion enthusiast, singer and full-time mum, she has devoted quite a large part of her life by being involved with various charities. Overall, Posh Spice is one woman that has managed to stand up for integrity and courage in her every motion.

Victoria Justice: From Child Celebrity on TV to Teen Star in Hollywood

Born in 1993, Victoria Justice first developed an interest in acting at the age of eight. After moving to Hollywood with her family in 2003, she enrolled in the Millikan Performing Arts Academy in Los Angeles and started making appearances in commercials for brands such as Ralph Lauren, Peanut Butter Toast Crunch, and Ovaltine.

Justice made her television debut at the age of ten in an episode of "Gilmore Girls." She got her first significant break by landing a pivotal role in the Nickelodeon series "Zoey 101," in which she was introduced in the second season as a new student, Lola Martinez, an aspiring actress who wanted to win an Oscar before she turned nineteen.

She continued to make guest appearances in shows such as Disney's "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody." She also landed her first television movie role in the thriller "Mary," in which she played a young girl affected by visions of Mary Magdalene. She made a cameo appearance in "When Do We Eat?" and played the character of Rose in Hallmark's film "Silver Bells."

Victoria Justice finally made her film debut with a cameo role in "Unknown." She continued to impress the audience in "Zoey 101" in 2006 and 2007, preferring to focus on her television appearances and put her movie aspirations on the back burner, although she played a supporting role in the movie "The Garden."

In mid-2007, Justice released a promotional single, a cover of Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles." This was her first attempt to showcase her singing skills in front of the public. However, she shied away from highlighting her singing or acting skills in movies and preferred to focus on "Zoey 101" until the series ended in March 2008.

Justice's career stepped up a notch as she leveraged six years of popularity and experience to secure guest appearances in numerous shows, including "The Naked Brothers," "iCarly," "The Troop," and game show "BrainSurge." The release of the Nickelodeon musical "Spectacular!" made 2008 a good year for her, in which she played the lead role and performed three songs. This movie went on to become one of Nickelodeon's most popular movies of all times.

She seemed poised to take a momentous leap from television to film when she secured a role in the thriller "The Kings of Appletown." The film, in which she starred alongside Dylan and Cole Sprouse, was originally intended for a theatrical release but ended up premiering on television after a limited preview release in 2009.

Justice turned the setback to her advantage by bagging the lead role of Tori Vega in the Nickelodeon series "Victorious." The series portrayed the ups and downs in the lives of youngsters honing their talent at a performing arts high school. Justice charmed the audience with her portrayal of a talented girl who wins a place in the school after her less talented older sister falls ill during the auditions. The show also offered her an opportunity to highlight her singing skills on television again.

Justice built on her television superstardom by starring as a girl who is transformed into a werewolf in another hugely successful Nickelodeon television movie, "The Boy Who Cried Werewolf."

The end of "Victorious" in 2012 marked the beginning of Justice's most serious attempt to take her career to the next level. She bagged the lead role in the coming of age comedy "Fun Size" and a major role in "The First Time." This time around, her fan base seemed to be eager to watch her on the big screen. Justice has also released two singles and a duet on iTunes to prove her credentials as a pop star.

In "Fun Size," she plays the role of a responsible and caring teenage girl who is desperately torn between going on a Halloween date with the coolest and most popular guy in school and taking care of her mischievous little brother during his trick-or-treat rounds. Like all teenagers handling responsibility the first time, she takes the easy way out, only to lose her brother. She faces many adventures while searching for her brother but manages to locate him before her mother finds out. By the end of the movie, Wren (Justice) not only finds her brother but also learns a lot about responsibility, love, and life in general.

The movie, Justice's first collaboration with a big film studio, is the perfect launch vehicle for a tween celebrity who, like her hordes of fans, is moving from her teenage years to adulthood. For many years now, Justice has followed the same route that Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus took to become movie stars. Her role in "Fun Size" may mark the perfect start to her movie career.