Victoria Beckham

It is very rare of a case when one can get to see the music business being associated with fashion. There have been instances where certain people from around the world have managed to combine their talents in music and fashion and yet be able to carry it off with great panache and splendor. One such personality that has managed to keep herself on the top of the fashion and music industry is the insatiable Victoria Beckham.

Victoria, otherwise known as Posh Spice is one of the five Spice Girls who were part of a UK pop band that made billboard charts for weeks in a row and have had more than 20 number one hits. After the untimely split of the group, Victoria Beckham perused her own career in the music industry where she flourished with much vigor. Later on she met ace footballer David Beckham and tied the knot with him and today they live together with two adorable children at their Manchester Home.

Victoria Beckham later went on to commence her own line of fashion and fragrance which once again took the world by storm. Her good looks, fantastic sex appeal, style and appreciation for all the good things in life have made her one of the most admired celebrities and socialites in the world today. Apart from being a celebrity, fashion enthusiast, singer and full-time mum, she has devoted quite a large part of her life by being involved with various charities. Overall, Posh Spice is one woman that has managed to stand up for integrity and courage in her every motion.

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