Dress Up Dolls Collector sophisticated

Dress Up Dolls Collector sophisticated

There are many types of fashion dolls in the market, including large size small size teddy bear, and small thumbnails little. They can be placed in various places, including but not limited to the plant shelves, curio cabinets, drawers, dressers and nightstands. Not only are collected by the weaker sex, but some men actually like collecting them. They come in classic styles, contemporary and modern and are based on the following characters:

* Victorian Characters
* Wedding Dolls
* The Presidents and First Ladies
* Celebrities
* Film and TV stars
* Musicians
* Disney Characters
* Religious People
* Rights
* Goth characters
* Fairy Tale Dolls

Barbie Doll

The top-selling fashion dolls, also known as the "Queen of all fashion dolls" Mattel Barbie doll is marketed as "old teen model." Barbie is not only a hit with younger collectors, but with adults. While Mattel keeps up with new clothes and accessories for collectors of all ages are still buying.

Ruth Handler (co-founder of Mattel), whose daughter was named Barbara Barbie invented in 1959. Barbie was meant to be a teenager. Barbie's figure created a controversy when he realized that if she was a real person her measurements would be 36-18-38. Ken doll was introduced in 1961. It was named after his son.

Bratz Dolls

Bratz dolls are manufactured by MEGA entertainment. Bratz The motto is "Girls with a passion for fashion! "Bratz were created to look like teenagers with long hair, large heads and slender bodies, eyes almond shaped eye shadow and glossy lips. There are 4 types of Bratz:

* Cole - also known as "Angel"
* Jade - also known as "Kool Kat"
* Sasha - AKA "Bunny Boo"
* Yasmin - AKA "Pretty Princess"

Other Bratz

* Bratz Boyz Cameron
* Bratz Boyz Dylan
* Birthday Bratz doll Joelle
* Birthday Bratz doll Ashby
* Birthday Bratz doll Tyla
* Bratz doll Shadi Anniversary
* Birthday Bratz doll Adri
* Bratz doll Liliana Anniversary
* Birthday Bratz Doll Carrie
* Birthday Bratz doll Shara
* Birthday Bratz doll Leora
* Bratz doll Lydia Anniversary

Fashion dolls high school musical

High School Musical is hot like all products, including High School Musical dolls fashion. Disney movies High School Musical is based on the lives of several high school students attending East High School. The cast of High School Musical includes:

* Gabriella
* Troy
* Sharpay
* Chad
* Taylor
* Ryan

Monster High Dolls

High monster toys released by Mattel in the summer of 2010 and became a must-have toys for many adolescent girls. Mattel has filed a total of six dolls:

* Draculaura, daughter of Count Dracula
* Laguna Azul, a son of Sea Monster
* Clawdeen Wolf, werewolf girl
* Frankie Stein, the daughter of Frankenstein
* Cleo De Nile, daughter of the mummy
* Deuce Gorgon Medusa boy

Knowing where the reasonable prices make a big difference in your budget collection. Can be found in a wide range of places. Can be found online, in grocery stores, children's toys, and big box stores like Wal-Mart and Kmart.

A true collector will want to note that it is not necessarily the number of them in his collection that counts but the quality of your collection that makes the difference.

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