Hair fashion doll - To root or Reroot - What is the difference?

Hair fashion doll - To root or Reroot - What is the difference?

You have plans to create your own anime character and you just got the new Obitsu doll in the mail. The problem is that he has hair. However, his character is not bald! So how do you get the look you want? Or maybe the head has hair but the hair is the wrong color. How do you get the right color? In any case, you want to have the dolls hair roots or return to their roots. This can be achieved in two ways:

1) Learn how. Or ...
2) Find a professional who can do for you. Either way you will need to know if you are looking to have their head dolls "roots" or "re-rooted."

Attachment to a head

If your head is bald dolls to begin with (as soft as a baby's bottom), no hole at all, will have to "root" of the head. This means that it will establish its own style from scratch. You can put the holes where you want and create any look you want with little trouble.

The downside is that if the head is difficult to wrists, (which means not soft), which can be a pain to place holes in the hair root.

Another problem is that if your head is soft dolls may be tempted to place the holes too closely, you can rip the scalp and the ruin of the head.

Both problems can be over come with practice.

Re-rooting a Chief

If your head dolls and has the hair, or had hair, he looks to have the head "re-rooted." The holes and defining a specific style that can be very difficult to change unless you know what you are doing. However, it is quite simple to change or replace the hair if the holes are already there.

On the positive side can be filled or "root" bald if the hair is too low. However, be careful not to put too close together.

On the negative side of the holes may appear to require more hair then it is really necessary and could start the scalp so that the plugs too thick.

Again, these problems can be easily overcome with practice.

Get help with your doll's hair

If you are afraid to make doll hair roots back to yourself, or do not have the time to learn as a result of doll hair, you can search and find the services you are looking for a professional. You can confidently talk about the services required, because now you know the difference between the "roots" and "return to roots" at the top of the fashion dolls hair.

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