What are Pullip dolls fashion?

What are Pullip dolls fashion?

Pullip is a fashion doll created in 2003 by Cheonsang Cheonha South Korea. Balls are action figures (BJD) which means that your body is composed of the ball joints to give them more movement and more realistic. Pullip dolls are especially known for their large heads and slender body shape.

Pullip family consists of 5 members: Pullip, Isula, Taeyang, Dal and Byul. They live in Milano, Italy, and each doll has its own personality / her and his style.

- Pullip (Korean translation: leaf) is the main Pullip family member. She is a beautiful high school student and popular and is 12 inches tall. She has an outgoing personality and no one compares with your perfect fashion style and fantastic. His hobbies include scuba diving swing music and the realization of a great band. Also involved in the drama club of high school. One of his favorite pastimes is shopping.

- Isula (Korean translation: mist) is the baby brother of Pullip and was introduced to fans in 2011. He has 15 years and is currently attending classes at a private high school located in San Francisco, California. Isula, like his big sis Pullip is very attractive and has an impeccable taste in clothes. His hobbies include playing soccer and reading books.

-Taeyang (Korean translation: the sun) is the current boyfriend Pullip. He is a handsome student, 14 inches tall studying at the School of Music in Milan. He is a handsome and passionate man - probably one of the reasons why Pullip loves it so much. He has a great talent in music composition. In fact, Taeyang pieces have appeared in public places. Despite being so young, only 21 years of age, most people who already have professional songwriting Taeyang.

-Dal (Korean translation: the moon) is the younger sister Taeyang. She is 13 and 10 inches tall. On the outside it appears to be a bit of a firecracker with his pouty lips but she is really a sweet girl with a good heart who loves her brother dearly. Like most teenagers, she has her own personal blog, who likes to publish regularly. Dal blogs about many things like what's happening in your school in Milan Korea and other issues as a teenager. Dal is also a member of the tennis club at your school that your best friend is a member too.

- Byul (Korean translation: star) is the best friend of Dal. She is also 13 years old, 10 inches high, attends the same school as Dal and is a member of the tennis club with the same Dal. In fact, Byul is the assistant manager of tennis club. Byul has a huge crush on Isula, Pullip's younger brother. Byul dreams of becoming a beautiful bride and radiant. Maybe one day your dream will come true.

Pullip dolls are so fun to have. Due to its unique structure and details of fashion, have a good track enthusiasts who enjoy customizing and picture of your wrists on the version of poses and locations.

If you've never owned a doll Pullip then you can not imagine that much fun for them to have and collect.

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