The History of Fashion Dolls Mdvanii

The History of Fashion Dolls Mdvanii

Usually created as a fashion doll caters for adult lovers of art, dolls Mdvanii premiered in London on February 14, 1989. The 25 cm doll hard resin was created by designers and artists billyboy and his life partner Jean Pierre Lestrade, also known as Lala. It was the first anatomically correct doll, fashion, however, the characters are based on a more adult story that borders on homosexuality and bisexuality. The creation of this doll was fueled by the fascination of French fashion BillBoy and antique dolls that were made by Kamkins Kampen Louise. He got into the hobby of collecting dolls because of his love for fashion dolls of the 1970 vintage. He even created the clothes and redrawn to Barbie dolls as a teenager.

In 1983, Mattel billyboy contacted and asked to create a line of Barbie with her designs. Mattel launched the first ever design series with the designer name in the box and was called "Nouveau Théâtre de la Mode Barbie." His second collaboration with Mattel came up with the series was titled "Feelin 'Groovy Barbie", which was released in 1986.

Mdvanii dolls originally wore the clothing that has been adapted to French haute couture and were originally manufactured in France. However, in 1997, the clothes had been made in Switzerland. The first collection of dolls was released on the Liberty & Co., a popular store in London, with the blessing of the head of the fashion accessories store buyer Carol Lister and the shop owner, Richard Stewart Liberty. The dolls were made in limited quantities and had done an exclusive edition of FAO Schwarz.

The dolls were introduced immediately in New York, where his exquisitely decorated artworks were priced at $ 3000 to a whopping 10,000. In addition, 10 dollhouse that were made at a cost of $ 20,000 each. In 1993, billyboy ventured into creating Mdvanii porcelain dolls instead of her original resin material. The first collection of porcelain Mdvanii and his friends made of 15 characters and all handmade in France.

Today, there are several Mdvanii dolls that are included in museum display, as in the Louvre Museum, the Museum of Fashion and Textile du, Victoria and Albert Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York. And for fans of Mdvanii creations made by other artists that inspired the creation BillBoy to call their works of art as "Mdvaniiism" which was believed to describe the pieces that evoke the glamorous Mdvanii concept. Even some of the dolls also sport a label that might say "Mdvaniiism of billyboy and Lala," This is a work of art "or billyboy Mdvaniiism Manifesto and Lala."

If you want to start working on collecting dolls or a loved one to introduce the tradition of doll collecting may be a good idea to start with the dolls that are interested and are relatively inexpensive. Our generation of dolls are great for younger girls, while Monster Dolls High could be better targeted to young pre-teens and teens.

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